Remote Installer

Remotely distribute your application with an automatic deployment of your MSI packages.

Among your many daily tasks, the deployment of your new applications can take a considerable amount of time, especially if it concerns all or most of the users of your company.

To help you save precious time that you could consecrate to other tasks, we have developed ClariLog - Remote Installer.

Avec Remote Installer, gagnez du temps à consacrer à tâches plus stratégiques.

Télédistribuez vos applications en automatisant le déploiement de vos packages MSI
Principales fonctionnalités
MSI packages deployment
Smart selection according to asset management

Without any deployement of agent using the same remote technology as the network inventory Fast Inventory, this tool will automate the remote installation of MSI packages on your client workstations.

déploiement packages MSI
En lien avec votre base de données de gestion de parc ClariLog - Asset View, vous sélectionnerez aisément les postes cibles en fonction de critères tels que :
  • Geographical location
  • Department management to whom the workstations are attached.
  • Presence or absence of the software to be deployed.
This module also includes a few functions of:
  • Monitoring to keep an eye on the on-going services or processes of a workstation before deployement,
  • Power management to remotely start a workstation with Wake-On-Lan technology.