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Power Control
Save costs by controlling your electrical consumptions.

The Gartner analysts estimate the TCO of desktop to 4000 euros a year, including the buying costs, resource administration costs, license costs, electrical bill, maintenance user support as well as training. 

With ClariLog – Power Control, we offer that you directly act on one of those costs: the electrical consumption. 

reduire sa consommation électrique
15% of the central units permanently stay on, including nights and week-ends… *, Clarilog - Power Control enables you to fix this with a planned shutdown of the stations who do not need to be permanently on.

With this module you will assess the savings realized through an estimation of your workstations’ electrical consumption. 

Among its specified functions of consumption reduction, ClariLog – Power Control is also a useful tool for day-to-day operations:

  • To guarantee the desktops/ servers updates, plan restart of the machines.
  • Your workstations equipped with Wake-On-LAN technology will be remotely accessible in order to turn on at a requested or planned hour.
* source : ADEME « eco-responsible guide at the office » April 2012 edition


• Energy savings

• Reduced Total cost of Ownership (TCO) of workstations


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ClariLog - Asset View to select the equipment in the asset management.

Remote start-up :
Target workstations equipped with Wake-On-LAN

Shutdown / restart:
Prerequisites for remote access are identical to those needed for ClariLog - Fast Inventory.

Planned shutdown or restart of the workstations on the network
Planned start-up (for workstations equipped with Wake-On LAN)
Electrical consumption analysis (based on the estimation of electrical power and regular ping of the equipment)