Inventaire CAB

Control your database with a physical inventory

The annual physical inventory of assets is mandatory for your company. To limit its realization time and guarantee a trust worthy result, it will require a precise and pragmatic organization

Le module d’inventaire code-barres est la garantie de satisfaire à votre obligation d’inventaire annuel des immobilisations.

Fonctionnalités Inventaire CAB Clarilog
Principales fonctionnalités
Label creation
Assignation of barcode or use of the existing
Physical inventory of control
Report on what has been found, is missing, is new, has been moved
Update of the ClariLog Asset View database

To assist you with this task, we have developed modules allowing you to undergo your physical inventory with the help of barcodes.

You will be able to identify your equipment and their geographical locations with barcodes labels and launch an annual or several inventories each year, whether partial or complete to check and update your ClariLog - Asset View.

With a barcode ID generated by ClariLog Asset View or previously existing, the label printing module, compatible with a Brother (QL-650TD, QL-700, QL-710W, QL-720NW, QL-1050, QL-1060N) or CAB MACH4 printer will allow you to personalize your labels (logo, barcode, and additional date) in order to identify your assets.

Once the physical inventory is done, the inventory management of ClariLog - Asset View offers a report of what has been found or not, what is new, what has been moved, so that you can update your database.

inventaires physiques via code-barres
The compatible reader: Opticon OPN2001, offers two modes: data collector (barcode) to realize the inventory and the hand held scanner to search elements on the ClariLog - Asset View database.

In addition to the the network inventory functionalities, the barcode inventory guarantees a perfectly up to date inventory.