Open a technical assistance window for your users.

Help Me

The support that you brin g is an essential element for the productivity of all users and departments. The speed and efficiency of your interventions reduce the unproductive time due to stuck users, incidents or missing information.

It is critical that your users can receive an answer in the best of times especially if their productivity depends on it.

Avec Help Me, améliorez la communication avec vos utilisateurs, et impliquez-les davantage dans le cycle d'intervention pour augmenter leur satisfaction.

Fonctionnalités ClariLog Help Me
Principales fonctionnalités
Gestion des incidents, demandes et problèmes
Opening of tickets through a blank form or a model
Knowledge base
Alerts and news
Access to treatement and resolution information
Satisfaction measure

assistance utilisateurs
With ClariLog- Help Me, you open a technical assistance window for your users to issue and follow-up their requests, to be alerted on incidents or even consult a knowledge base. 

With a configuration easy to set and to evolve, you will allow the users to open tickets (incidents, service requests and more) through a bank form with more or less fields according to your needs, or through models you will provide. 

Similarly, you will be able to precede step by step and increased workloads of the elements at their disposal.

With the implementation of the ClariLog – Help Me portal, you will notice immediate gains:
    Pour l’équipe support : demandes d’intervention et de service immédiatement accessibles
    dans ClariLog - Service Desk et pré orientées vers la bonne équipe ou la bonne personne (en fonction du paramétrage)
    For the users: Possibility of autonomous mending, better access to information.

Offrez la possibilité à vos utilisateurs d'avoir accès à leur portail et vos services y compris en mobilité avec la version Mobile Desk