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Network inventory
Detect, audit, manage all your equipment on the network

In order to  secure and manage your IT assets, your first priority should be to make sure you have a full inventory, reliable and up to date of your assets, software and hardware.

We developed 3 modules meant to  detect  any new equipment which will connect to your network and audit their hardware, software and network characteristics. 
détecter, auditer, gérer equipements réseau Thanks to  ClariLog - Detect Asset, an alert will be received as soon as an unknown device is detected on the network. This module will  guarantee safety in case of an unwanted connection and will automatically update your inventory. 

Used to inventory and audit all your  desktops, laptops, physical or virtual hosts and their local peripherals, ClariLog - Fast Inventory allows you obtain all the hardware, software and networks characteristics  without any deployed agent any OS. With this utilitarian, the first inventory will be set then the next will be planned for automatic update of your CMDB.

As for the  stand-alone devices and active elements on the network, ClariLog - SNMP Discovery  allows you to obtain the main characteristics as well as additional information on the printing devices and network copiers : fill levels of the consumables (to activate alerts), printing volume.


• Complete, reliable and up to date view of your hardware and software assets.

• Securing the network

• Proactive management of the printing devices


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ClariLog - Detect Asset

Network scan at a configurable sequence (at least every 15 minutes).
Alarms on the newly detected equipment.

ClariLog - Fast Inventory

Agentless audit
Automation and programming for a regular update
Compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS

ClariLog - SNMP Discovery

Audit of the active elements and SNMP peripheral elements
Levels of the consumables, printing volumes (printers and network copiers)
MIB exploration to complete the knowledge base