ClariLog is taking up a position as a high-performance solution on the rapidly expanding IT Asset Management market.

At a time when all companies are both trying to improve IT department quality and reduce the costs of investments and operations, ClariLog products appears as the ideal and affordable solution that will have a very positive impact on customers’ income statement.

ClariLog gives the priority to build a network of partners/distributors based on a win-win partnership.

Such partnerships are the growth catalyzer that Clarilog needs, as a business that wants to be the leader in its industry.

Our partners are the growth catalyst that an enterprise needs when it wishes to become one of the leaders in its field. Furthermore, ClariLog intends to base its development both on rapid organic growth and also on taking over competitors.

Hence, for investors who have participations in a one or several software editing businesses, we invite them to contact ClariLog’s management

Indeed, we believe that it is necessary to reach quickly a critical size for any businesses in this industry and that these rapprochements are inevitable to generate highly profitable businesses.

These take-overs must enable industrial and commercial synergies that would be extremely profitable both for ClariLog and its customers.