Who we are?

On the market since 2003, our core business is developing solutions :

  • Of IT infrastructure management,
  • Of inventory and follow-up of your IT equipment and more,
  • Help Desk management

  • Our business is not limited to the placing of our product on the market, but it is also and essentially to accompany the users in all the stages of the asset management solution implementation. From the start of the project, up unto the daily exploitation, as well as training, counselling, etc.

    presentation societe clarilog
    ClariLog is organised into 4 competence poles:

    Research & development and quality:

    To offer innovative solutions, rich and easier to use functionally.


    Provided by our teams of hotliner consultants specialists of our solutions, to technically assist you and receive your feedback.

    The « Professional services » pole:

    To accompany, advise, analyze what you already have, implement the management processes into your goals, etc.

    The training pole:

    With our pragmatic training-actions, whose purpose is to help you reach your goals, as quickly as possible, to make your investment as profitable as possible.

    As of today, ClariLog is proud to be working alongside over 900 user references in all the areas (private and public, industry, services, distribution, etc…) on the French speaking market (metropolitan France and overseas departments, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Quebec, etc…)

    Our services and product line are wide and modular so that it answers to key accounts (over 3000 workstations and users to manage) as well as smaller teams (50 equipment).


    Postal Address

    15, avenue Archimède
    Immeuble "Le Sillage"
    ZAC du Bois de la Chocque
    Tél: +33 (0)3 23 65 65 95
    Fax: +33 (0)3 23 65 80 25
    Email: contact@clarilog.com

    Share capital: 262.500 euros
    RCS Saint-Quentin (02)
    Siret : 538 179 060 00016
    APE / NAF : 5829C
    TVA : FR 31 538 179 060


    July 2003

    Creation of the limited Liability company ClariLog by the entrepreneur / founder of ClariLog 1st generation ClariLog software "ClariLog – IT Asset Management" asset management and Help Desk orientated (2001 technology)

    February 2007

    Entrance in the Investor Capitol, the limited Liability company ClariLog becomes ClariLog SA.
    Investments dedicated to the development of the 2nd generation software: ClariLog - Asset View Suite and ClariLog - Service Desk

    2007 - 2008

    Years dedicated to Research & Development of the software package


    Official launch of ClariLog - Asset View Suite and ClariLog - Service Desk
    Gradual withdrawal of the minority shareholders

    2010 - 2011

    Consolidation of the ClariLog softwares’ market position

    December 2011

    Entrance of ClariLog in the Flexos Groupe

    International development

    An internation extension.

    After a great success in the French speaking countries, ClariLog pursues its international development.
    In order to enter new markets and trade its solutions, ClariLog hopes to conquer many international countries to create a worldwide network of distribution partners and subsidiaries.
    The priorities of ClariLog International are the following countries: Germany, Canada, United States, Spain and Asie.