Pilotage projet

Make profits by being immediately operational with your ClariLog's solutions

It is a challenge for you and your team to install a new Service Management solution, the change needs to be managed, planned and accompanied.

To help you with this change, our technical and functional work with you to guarantee the successful implementation of your asset management and Help Desk solutions:

  • Technical success,
  • Acceptance and picking up by the teams,
  • Communication to the departments.
ClariLog accompanies you with a large range of professional services :
  • Environmental and activity analaysis
  • Advice and assistance to the setting of your management procedures
  • Implementation of your ClariLog solutions: installation, setting and adjustments to your organization
  • Skills transfer for administration and settings.
  • Training to use
  • Technical support
  • Exploitation reports on the ClariLog solutions and support programs to maximize the ROI.
ClariLog vous accompagne avec une large gamme de services professionnels

A personalized support program in the project guidance

Your success is a priority for the ClariLog teams. 
From our first contact to the daily use of our solutions, we offer to guide you with our experience and expertise.

programme d'accompagnement

Analysis, Specifications & Adaptation of the existing

Your ClariLog consultant analyses with you, your current organization procedures, communication, tools.

Considering your goals, the ClariLog consultant will put its expertise at your disposition for the deployment of new processes, the adaptation of the existing data, the setting of new indicators (KPI), and the internal communication to realize to all collaborators, in order to guarantee the acceptance of the new procedures. 

Your technical environment will also be analyzed in order to set the optimal software architecture for your context.

After analysis of your information, quality and quantity wise, our teams will assist you with the recovery and adaptation of the existing data.

Installation – Setting

The consultant operates either remotely or in your premises to install, under your supervision, the ClariLog solutions : ClariLog :
  • Installation on server
  • Installation on administrator workstations
  • Settings : ergonomics, alerts, management rules, etc...
the setting stage is essential to adjust your asset management and help desk solution to your environment and to your organization. This stage is the direct extension of the initial analysis done with your consultant.

The goal of this implementation is to ensure the skills transfer for the administration of your solution to allow you to be autonomous.

Skills transfer and training

During a personalized appointment done either remotely or in your premises, your consultant will accompany you in an ‘action-training’ according to your production environment in a pedagogical approach of real life situation.
The goals are the following:

  • Allow your users to become sufficiently autonomous to exploit the solutions.
  • To formalize and implement the procedures on real life cases (as they are realmized in your production environment)
  • Possess the necessary knowledge to the administration of the solution.
The training programs are adapted to your needs and goals that you will have put forward.