Improve your productivity and make savings - ROI

Since 2003, ClariLog has worked alongside over 1000 companies and public organizations for their IT asset management and Help Desk.  

Our mission is to help you overcome your daily challenges in terms of exploitation cost reductions all while improving your department’s performances. 

Our solutions will allow you to concretely act on the reduction of your assets’ TCO:

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Estimated by Gartner to  4000 € a year for a desktop  to 8000€ a year for laptops.
Includes the overall costs:  

  • Management costs : General costs
  • Equipment  and software costs : workstations, upgrades
  • Operating costs : Technical support, Deployment, Electrical consumption
  • Alerts and failures costs,  planned or not



By using ClariLog solutions, you will save from 1% to 3% of TCO per workstations:

  • 1% reduction for a basic usage : automatic inventory, user incident follow-up, standard management indicators
  • Up to 3% and more for an advanced usage including financial management, stocks management, workstations’’ shutdown, request management, etc...
  • Let’s note an annual TCO reduced by 25% compared to Gartner’s estimation representing 3000 euros.

Please indicate the number of workstations :

ClariLog : numerous functions to exploit in order to reduce the TCO

Lengthen the lifespan

  • Control your equipments’ characteristics by regular audits
  • Implement a preventive maintenance
  • Reallocate the ressources according to actual needs
  • Efficiently manage the life cycle

Avoid unnecessary expenses

  • No longer buy what you already have by managing your licenses
  • Do not renew unnecessary contracts by receiving alerts on deadlines
  • Limit misuse by managing your consumable stores
  • Rationalize your purchases by adapting the resources to the departments’ needs

Limit the down time

  • Obtain alerts on critical issues
  • Reduce the unproductive time by receiving faster alerts on user incidents
  • Limit the production stops by identifying and by proactively treating the recurring failures
  • Improve the productivity by detecting the users’ needs for training.

Rationalize the operating costs

  • Reduce your electrical bill by planning the workstations’ shutdown
  • Save time by focusing on higher added value tasks
  • Control costs of outsourced and/or internal operation costs
  • Analyze the support and maintenance activity, in order to optimize

But also organizational savings

Financial management of your IT department

  • Budget monitoring
  • Purchase and residual costs of ressources

Prevention of legal risks

  • License conformity
  • Forbidden software control

Communication improvement

  • Between the IT department, the management teams and the users
  • In the IT department

Decision making support

  • Activity analysis: time, costs, type, satisfaction
  • Forecasts: budgets, resource evolution, training