Goals achieved and needs met for Le Creuset®.
Meeting with the group’s IT service two years after ClariLog’s installation.

Internationally known for its French know-how, Le Creuset®, developer and producer of enameled cast iron cooking utensils, chose ClariLog two years ago, editor of asset management and help desk solutions, in order to provide the oversight for the 300 workstations of the production site in Fresnoy-le-Grand, depart- ment of Aisne, France.
In 2009, a renewal of the group’s computing equipment generates an important expansion in size, creating an increase in terms of management needs whether fi nancial, technical, administrative or legal.

Le Creuset®

« It was necessary to have a perfect knowledge of the IT assets, their extent and their exact position”, explains Antoine Smigielski, system and network ad- ministrator since 2009 at Le Creuset®, “the IT team had been working without any tools, it was murky and confusing.»

On the basis of these fi ndings, the IT system department enters a research phase in order to install an asset management and a help desk solution, and thus consulted several suppliers. They quickly realized that some solutions are limited in functionality and that others, on the contrary, are much too complicated to use, resulting in a higher need of training and an increase of ins- tallation costs. The solution ClariLog was chosen based on its many differentiators, such as “an intuitive interface and a fast and easy-handling” confi rms the main user of the solution, Geof- frey Despinoy, IT technician at Le Creuset®. The IT system depart- ment decides to install ClariLog - Asset View Suite, as well as ClariLog – Service Desk in May 2009.'

Today, after two years of use of ClariLog’s solutions and services, the facts are clear and the outcome is positive:

« Antoine Smigielski indicates that with only two users in the service, 3 or 4 servers and about a hun- dred computers to manage, ClariLog has become es- sential in our job, it saves us a considerable amount of time.»
«Geoffrey Despinoy adds that, the reporting is an effective tool to trace stock and consumables.»
The time saved is substantial and the functionalities allow a fast and effi cient exploitation, in terms of incident tracking, renewal of contracts, license control or even management of the consumables’ distribution: the savings generated are tangible.